Baby Showers

Being a new Mom can be an overwhelming time with little sleep, many new responsibilities, A HUGE “TO-DO” list, and a new special wonderful blessing from God to love and care for. All of this leaves very little time for the new Mom to scrapbook!

What better way to show the new Mom and baby how very much you love them than with a PRE-MADE SCRAPBOOK (from the heart with love by friends and family). What better place to complete this gift of love than Scrapbook Traditions? We offer a highly trained, creative, professional & friendly staff on hand to assist you and your guests along with all the supplies and tools you need… right in one place!

Plan your upcoming Baby Shower with Scrapbook Traditions! You and your guests will each complete a 12×12 double page spread for the “Mom to Be” in a beautiful personalized engraved scrapbook! After the shower, all the new Mom has to do to complete the scrapbook is place the photos on the pre-made pages and journal the story! She will think of you and this special gift of love every time she opens the pages. Unlike baby bottles, clothing, and blankets, this gift will never wear out and never be outgrown! It is a gift she and the new arrival will cherish for generations to come!

Schedule your Baby Shower at least three weeks in advance. You will choose the 12×12 album at the time of the reservation. The album is to be purchased from Scrapbook Traditions and we have many wonderful options. The album can also be personalized/ engraved before or after baby’s arrival. Minimum guest requirement to book the shower is six with a maximum of twenty. You are responsible for any refreshments, decorations, etc. We have a kitchen with fridge and microwave. We will provide tools, crop space, and assistance (if needed) to help your guests complete their gift pages. Each guest is expected to purchase necessary supplies to complete their pages from Scrapbook Traditions. We will run a crop tally sheet for each guest. Each guest will draw a theme to complete for the new Mom to Be.

Suggested themes include the following (or be creative and come up with your own!):

  • The story of US! -Mom and Dad’s love story! How they met, when they married, etc!
  • I am Pregnant! -The story photos of when Mom and Dad first learned of this joyous event, who they told and the reactions, etc!
  • Womb With A View! – Sonogram photos and first look at the new baby!
  • Letter to my Child – A journaling page for the Mom-to-Be about her hopes dreams feelings etc for this new baby.
  • Baby’s Room – Decorating the nursery, shopping trips, etc.
  • My Name – How did Mom decide on baby’s name?
  • Mom’s Journal/Dad’s Journal/Siblings Journal/Grandparents Journal – Thoughts and feelings from all as they plan for the new baby!
  • Baby Showers/Guests/Gifts – Announcements, invitations, cards, shower photos etc.
  • The Big Day – The day of baby’s arrival! A copy of that days’ newspaper, family waiting photos, etc.
  • I am HERE! – The details and photos of the day!
  • Baby’s Footprints – Mom will carry this spread to the hospital with her for the staff to stamp baby’s footprints right onto the page!
  • First Photos – Hospital photos
  • Birth Announcements – Copy of newspaper birth announcement, announcements sent to friends & family etc.
  • Birth Certificate and memorabilia page – Baby and Mom’s ID bracelet, tiny hat, copy of birth certificate etc.
  • Coming Home – Photos of Mom, Dad and Baby leaving the hospital, homecoming, etc. Photos of the “yard announcements”” (the giant stork LOL).
  • Meeting My Family – First photos of Dad, Mom, Grandma, Grandpa, brother, sister, relatives, friends holding the new arrival!
  • Baptism – Announcement, church bulletins, photos, etc.
  • My First Doctor Visit – A place to record all the info from the first doc visit (weight, length, shots etc)

Cost of the Baby Shower is $5.00 per guest for a two-hour crop session plus the album, engraving, and supplies. A deposit of $50.00 is required to book the shower and is applied towards the crop fee and cost of materials. Balance is due at the end of the event. We accept cash, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. We do not accept checks. Deposit is non-refundable.

Everyone Has A Story To Tell… Let Us Help You Tell Yours!

Everyone has a story to tell, let us help tell yours!