Scrappin’ Divas Staff

Hello and welcome to our “Meet the Divas” page! We wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves to you before your first visit to our store OR to re-introduce ourselves to you if it’s been a while since your last visit!

Tracy Gilley, owner and “Head Scrap Diva” of Scrapbook Traditions.

Personal Info: I have been married for over “half my life” to the “love of my life” Michael to whom I met at age 21 as just “Gilley”! (And I and my entire family still call “Gilley”!) In October of 2012, we will celebrate 28 years of marriage and 29 years as a couple! My how time does fly! We have been blessed with two wonderful amazing beautiful children… Lindsay, age 19 and TJ, age 18. They have been THE biggest blessings God has ever given me since the day they were born and I thank Him for them each and every day! Both my kids are extremely “smart” (don’t know WHERE they got all THAT from LOL…certainly not from me or “Gilley”…my Dad says from HIM (Paw-Paw) but my Mom just smiles and says it is from “NANNIE” (her) LOL!). I am extremely proud of their high grades, honors, awards, and accomplishments during their high school years! Even more than that, I am proud of the way they conducted themselves as Christians with all the peer pressure and “bad influences” they were surrounded by on a daily basis! It is incredibly difficult for our teens and children these days to stand up for what they know is “right”! We need to keep them all in our prayers!

Lindsay works here at SBT when her schedule allows, finished her freshman year (on the “Dean’s List” smiles a very proud Mama!) in May at High Point University as a Music and Bio major. She is an extremely talented and gifted singer and music is her heart and very breath! She is “on fire” for Christ and wants to find a way to share the love of Christ through her music with the world.

TJ began his own skateboard business “Six Industries” in January 2011 where he designs, manufactures, and sells his own brand of skate decks, board wax, and bearings. He is brilliant in engineering and calculus and intends to build and open his own Skate Park after college. Skateboarding is HIS passion just as music is his sister’s and SCRAPBOOKING, his Mom’s! He graduated from North Davidson High School in June Magna cum Laude (again smiles a very proud Mama!), and begins college in the fall! He works for Rexam Corp like his Dad!

I am also extremely blessed with a loving and supportive family without whom I could not last a single day! We are very close knit and live within 30 minutes of one another.

My Mama is my hero…she is the most amazing awesome lady I have ever known…and God gave her to ME! My biological father left when I was very young (8 years old and my brothers 6 and 4) and she raised us alone with the help of my precious Nannie…her Mom and my second biggest “hero” whom I dearly loved. Mama worked extremely hard to raise us in a Christian home filled with love and taught us to be hard working honest people of faith and integrity who took nothing for granted. We didn’t have money but we were rich in LOVE! We learned that the only place money came before success and work was in the dictionary! God provides worms for the birds to eat but they have to pull them up out of the ground! Whining and laziness are for the weak and losers! She worked three jobs so we could eat and sacrificed everything because she loved us like a mother should. She taught me what it is to BE a Christian and a mother by her actions.

“Good things come to those who wait” and I was finally blessed with a “GREAT DAD” and Mama with an “AMAZING HUSBAND” when I was 23! :o) “Paw-Paw” was sent by the Lord “just for us” and is truly my “Daddy” in every way! (Poor fellow! LOL)

My 2 brothers Wendall and Kevin are my best friends and I love them dearly! I am so proud of both of them and the men they grew to be (from the brats they used to be! HA! “Big Sisters” never forget!!! LOL)!

I gained a sister Earlene at age 31 (wow!) and I have 2 awesome sisters-n-law I dearly love, Jenny and Cindy…6 nieces (Chasity, Michelle, Kailyn, Savannah, Arianne, Kaitlyn)…2 nephews (Jake…and Mark who has gone on to be with the Lord)…I also have a half-sister running around somewhere LOL with a few more nieces! And that’s on “my side” of the family! :O)

The Biz End: I am passionate about what I do and know I am truly blessed and fortunate as few are to be able to do something I truly LOVE as my “job”…SCRAPBOOK! AND I DO INDEED ABSOLUTELY LOVE WHAT I DO! I am a perfectionist and want everything to be “exactly so” all the time…which drives everyone (me included!!) nuts! LOL!

I have arranged my store the way I like to shop…alphabetically and in themes and not by the manufacturer! I feel that it makes your shopping experience easier and more enjoyable to shop by category or “theme” and you will notice the themes hanging from the ceiling should my staff not be able to get to you right away to guide you! I have found over the last almost 17 years, 95% of my customers love my “themed” store layout! I also strongly believe in great customer service and treating YOU the customer the way I want to and expect to be treated when I shop!! It is extremely important to me to greet each and every person who enters my store with a sincere and warm “hello” and a smile to let you know we ARE happy to see you and to offer our assistance if you need us! When I enter a store, I want to know that I am welcomed! I want to know that the store folks know I am there and that they offer their assistance to me if I am in a hurry or need direction! I also want to then be left alone to wander around to look! I want them close by if I need to ask a question but I don’t want them “hovering” over me ALL the time! I want to be checked on every now and again and I do like a bit of conversation! When my children we small, I kept them very close to me and made them hold my hand and did not allow them to handle merchandise or run wild for their safety and the protection of the store merchandise and MY WALLET as I would have to pay for anything they damaged! Unfortunately, excellent customer service IS rare these days and folks do NOT treat others the way they wish to be treated in most businesses! At Scrapbook Traditions, you WILL be treated with kindness, respect, friendliness, fairness, and we will always go the extra mile to try to do our very best to fill your needs no matter how great or small! It is very important to me that our customer service is the very best we can offer! You have many other places you can choose to shop! In these tough economic days, I sincerely appreciate you making the choice to spend your hard earned money in my store and will work hard to make sure you return again and again! Your business is indeed our blessing! Without YOU, there IS NO US! To be fair and respectful to ALL our valued customers we follow our set store policies, rules and guidelines for EVERY person in EVERY situation and do not deviate from our policies.

I KNOW without a doubt that God put me here for a reason and that I have the ability through the Lord Jesus Christ to make a difference in each and every person’s life that walks through my doors. Scrapbooking and preserving our memories and writing our stories is important…it matters! It is my sincere desire and mission to make sure people understand how vital this is!



We are the historians for our families and it is our responsibility to all future generations to let them know who we were, how we lived, what we stood for and believed, how they were loved, how very precious they were to us, and to give them that big warm hug from “us” every time they open these books! It gives them a sense of belonging and self worth and it IS worth every minute we spend creating these albums and every penny we spend on the supplies to do so! Everyone has a story to tell…we are here to help you tell yours! I look forward to meeting you in person and helping you with your needs! I leave you with these thoughts…we are NOT promised tomorrow! Life is too often short. Don’t put this off another day, another moment!

How do YOU want to be remembered???

Lindsay Gilley

Hi! I’m Lindsay Gilley and Tracy’s daughter. I was raised a “scrapper” as my Mom began Scrapbook Traditions in the basement of our home when I was only two years old. I always loved the colors and the stickers and the tools she would let me use and I completed my first scrapbook when I was only five years old! I loved having people come to shop at our house…especially when they brought kids my own age to play with!

I am very creative and artistic…and feel I owe part of that to scrapbooking. Mom allowed me to “do my own thing” so to speak with my albums and she says I taught HER quite a few things! School projects were always a breeze for me as we had everything I could ever want or need right in our own store in our own house! Scrapbook Traditions continues to have everything necessary for school projects K through 12 and college as well…both the large and the small! What may NOT be available “out there” we custom make so every project is exciting!

Mom and I have always made scrapbooks for all the important teachers, instructors, coaches etc in our lives to show our appreciation for all they did for us. I learned very early how EVERYONE and I do mean everyone (even tough ole Mr. “D” whom we ADORE and love from Bill Daniels Karate had a tear in his eye when we presented him with his Christmas scrapbook gift one year!) loves and appreciates that “made from the heart with love work of art” scrapbook! Through all the pages we create, we show the recipient just how very much we care for them and give them a big warm hug every time they open that special gift. A real scrapbooker puts our heart and souls into every page. Creating a scrapbook for someone you love or care for is a gift like no other!!

I graduated from North Davidson High School in 2011 and now attend High Point University which I LOVE! I am majoring in music and bio. I am not sure exactly what path God wants me to take with this but know He will reveal it in His way in His time. I trust with all my heart in the Lord Jesus!

I LOVE Theater, acting, dancing, singing. Singing is my very heart and breath! I want to share the love of Christ with everyone I meet through my music and the talent God has given me. I am passionate about Jesus and music. I want to make a difference in the lives of those I meet. Every person is special and unique and I look for the “good” in everyone. A warm sincere smile can make all the difference in the world…everyone is fighting a battle of some sort and taking the time to care about and pray for those you come into contact with could be a lifeline for that person! I try to keep that in mind always.

As school begins, I won’t be able to visit the store as often but do hope to meet you in person when I am working! We have wonderful people at Scrapbook Traditions both with our staff and our customers! You will fit right in :O).

Note from “Mom”: Lindsay is currently “single” and looking for a strong Christian man to share her life and passions with…if any of you know a man who fits that description, send his resume and references to LOL!!! (Just kidding!) Oh boy is she ever going to KILL me for this one! :O)

Patty Lyon
Hi! My name is Patty and I am the newest Scrapbook Traditions Team Member! I am married to my husband Ron and we have been happily married for almost 27 years now. We have a delightful son named Patrick and two precious dogs named Bella and Scruffy.

I truly enjoy working with people. I have worked in retail for over thirty years and at one time owned my own business. Customer service is a top priority to me. My hobbies include flower arranging, painting, and of course SCRAPBOOKING! I look forward to meeting and working with you here at Scrapbook Traditions!

Beverly Bell “Miss Bee”

Hello. It is a pleasure to “meet you”! I am Beverly Bell otherwise known as “MISS BEE”. The handsome fellow with me in my photo is my husband Randy! I have three grown children…a set of twin girls Charity and Chasity and my son Eric. I am blessed that they all live close to me and visit almost daily! They have provided me with 4 amazing gifts from God…my precious grandchildren… Aubree, Chloee, Rex and the newest arrival Catherine! They are the light of my life and I am having a ball being “Nana B”!

I love my Ford Mustang and car shows and have decorated my NEW CAR with pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. I designed, created and cut my vinyl car decals/designs right here at Scrapbook Traditions on our laser die cut machine! (I can do the same for YOU!). I also LOVE hot weather, the beach, flowers, my Kio pond, scrapbooking, teaching Sunday School, and working with children.

I work part-time for Scrapbook Traditions and teach many of the “project classes”, “Croppin’ Kids Classes”, and assist with the Kids Birthday parties along with teaching the monthly Cri-Cut classes. I dearly LOVE helping customers with special projects and showing them how to use their scrappin’ supplies for more than just “Scrappin’”! I like to think “outside the box” and am always willing to experiment and try something NEW!

My “real job” is running my in-home 5 Star Daycare which I have run for over 20 years and that is where I first met Tracy! I helped her to raise HER two precious kids Lindsay and TJ and still consider them “part mine”! :O)

I have worked with Scrapbook Traditions for over 10 years now and I sincerely look forward to meeting you during your next visit! Just ask for “Miss Bee”!

Kelley Ford Store Manager
Hi and welcome to our web site and amazing store! We are so excited to finally have the opportunity to “introduce ourselves” and to let you know you can now reach us individually by the email addresses Tracy has set up for us. This way when you have a question, suggestion, comment, etc you can go directly to your “favorite Diva” for answers!!

I am Kelley Ford, the store manager and lifelong friend and customer :O) of Scrapbook Traditions! I was first introduced to Tracy and Scrapbook Traditions a little over 15 years ago when I drove in from my home town of Boone NC with some scrappin’ gal pals! We had heard we needed to check out this amazing little “Basement Store” in Clemmons and see for ourselves the incredible amount of scrappin’ supplies this tiny little basement could hold. We were quite frankly NOT expecting much at all but thought “What the heck? Worth a visit!”…and it absolutely BLEW US AWAY! Tracy had the place packed floor to ceiling (and even had thousands of roll stickers hanging from the ceiling)! On our way upstairs to visit the restroom, we found even MORE products hanging from both sides of the stairs! She sure knew how to use every available inch of space she had…and more product than I had ever seen in that basement! She had stacks upon stacks of papers in every slot but knew exactly where everything was and how to find it so shopping was FUN and exciting! She had all her items “themed” so it made shopping for beach, school, Girl Scouting, dance, Christmas a breeze! LOVED the “themed layout!” so unlike most stores with their “Manufacturer layouts”! She offered so much of what I and my gal pals needed…from products we had NEVER seen anywhere to album engraving which she did (and still does!) “In-house” to complete all my albums with personalization…and a really great finishing touch of a “Made with Love by Mom” with heart die for engraving the BACK of my albums! AND she knew what “customer service” was all about…she made us feel welcome and comfortable and we kicked off our shoes, dropped our purses and shopped till we dropped! It was fabulous!

Years later I moved with my family from Boone to Winston with my job at BB&T and was at the branch in Clemmons…only 10 minutes from Tracy’s “Basement Store”…ahhhh….lunch hours were a pleasure!

I left BB&T to be a “stay at home Mom” and be able to spend quality time with the “loves of my life” Brittany and Heather… my beautiful girls. When Tracy moved her store from Clemmons to the Jonestown Road location, I went in and applied for a “Part-time” job which ended up being FULL time right away LOL and within the year I was her store Manager! I had many years with SBT as such… then was given an offer I “couldn’t refuse” at Granite Mortgage. I still wanted to be a part of SBT and Tracy begged so pitifully (LOL) I continued there as a “part timer” over the next few years. Granite closed and I went back to SBT full time and with her move to Commercial Plaza Street in July 2011, also picked back up my “hat” as store manager!

I teach most of the Back-2-Basics classes, Basic Grey monthly classes, and love and enjoy the “One-On-One” appointments with new customers! I also enjoy having “One-On-One” appointments with our existing customers to teach new techniques, work “outside the box” or when they just need to get over “Scrapper’s Block” which hits us all from time to time! My main mission is to help them complete their albums and move on to the next one! I have been scrappin’ for over 15 years and LOVE every minute of it…and the people I work with and for here at SBT! I have been trained and certified to teach and enjoy sharing my knowledge with others! It is my “job” to keep the “Boss straight” …and that is one tough assignment let me tell ya! HA!

I have been married 25 years to my High School Sweetheart Tim and we have been blessed with two amazing precious talented beautiful daughters… Heather (19…soon to turn 20!) and Brittany (18). My other “baby” is Tiger…my 13 year old kitty whom I adore! I love to SCRAPBOOK and really enjoy reading! My favorite place is the BEACH, love the color pink, am addicted to sweet tea and coffee and I am “flip-flop” crazy! I love the Lord, my family, my friends, and my co-workers (who I consider family!). It is my passion to share my scrappin’ addiction with everyone who walks though our doors!

I look forward to “meeting you all” in person and wish you all blessings and happiness in all you do!

Everyone has a story to tell, let us help tell yours!